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Meet The Author

Kaylen Soriano was born and raised in the desert of the Southwestern USA. Growing up, her love for spelling developed into a passion for reading and writing. She successfully achieved her dream by sharing her writing with the world, and her most recent work being the fantasy novel, Curse Entwined. When she's not writing, she enjoys spending time with family, entertaining her cat, gardening, getting fresh air outdoors, and playing video games.

Here are her books

Kaylen Soriano
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Meet The Author

Heather's love of writing began with a simple poetry assignment from an eighth-grade teacher. She writes poetry today, mainly micro poems, and typically consists of one or two lines. Her debut novel Crystal's Hole Hear is now available for pre-order and will be published for ebook and paperback on 2/24/2022. She currently lives in Wyoming on six acres with her husband and huskies

Here are her books.

Heather Nicole Gifford
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Stephanie B. Whitfield

Meet The Author

Stephanie is a 3rd generation Arizona Native and currently resides there with her husband and best friend. They have three children, and have created a mini farm on a small parcel of land where they have a number of critters. She loves being a mom, riding her horses, gardening, and reading. Being in the outdoors is her favorite place to be as long as it's not Summertime.

She enjoys writing and has always had a vivid imagination. She had a dream once to write but it was shattered by a school teacher. One day, she sat down and decided to release the stories that had roamed her mind for years. Thanks to her supporting friends who encouraged her to share them with the world, her books have started to be published. Writing has allowed her to give a bit of her magic to the world one story at a time.

Here are her books

Stephanie B Whitfield
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Meet The Author

Eileen Gillick found her story idea for Babyland, around the age of ten, after admiring baby photos of herself. She found herself in a state of FOMO (fear of missing out) and wanted to put herself in a written series as her “baby” self. She is a member of the Phi Theta Kappa Society and studied at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Her interests include The Sims 4, Disney and anything related to art and literation. She resides in the tri-state area. Babyland is her first published work.

Here are her books

Eileen Gillick
Nicole Mullaney
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Meet The Author

I have a love for romance, my books are hallmark style romance reads, with many of them also movies released the same day as the book. Besides writing, I work as a script advisor and supervisor in TV and film, but I’m always helping with the story. When I’m not working I’m enjoying time with my husband and two kids on Long Island in NY and hope to do a lot more traveling some day.

Here are her books



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Meet The Author

S.J. Pratt loves writing young adult science fiction. She runs an aerospace engineering company by day and writes by night (well, early hours of the morning!). She is an avid feminist and coffee addict, and as a sci-fi nerd, she looks forward to culminating her existence as an omnipotent space whale. She lives in Christchurch, New Zealand with her incredible husband and incredibly needy cat.

Here are her books

SJ Pratt
A.R. Grosjean
Oct 2021.jpg

A.R. Grosjean

Meet The Author

A.R. Grosjean writes full time. She began writing when she was 11 years old, just one year after giving up from being bullied. She thanks God everyday that her attempt of suicide failed. Now she has 13+ books written and published in the genres of Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, and more. She continues to write everyday in hopes to save others the same way her stories saved her.

She is married with 3 adult children and 5 grandchildren who call her Nana. Her husband and children are her biggest fans. Amber and her husband are currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

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Spawn of the Curse recover2smaller.png
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the great dark witch official coversmall
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Home official ebook cover.jpg
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Escaping Her Past front cover.jpg
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Meet The Author

Coming of Age

In the spring of 2020 ( The start of the Pandemic in North America), After numerous lockdowns, social media and the entertainment industry could only bring us so far, and then the boredom kicked in. That's when I noticed a change in people that brought back many of my childhood memories from the '80s. Kids were riding their bikes and skateboarding together (I even noticed people rollerskating and rollerblading), families were outside going for walks and biking together, I hadn't seen this much family interaction since the '80s.

Having siblings of various ages throughout the '80s, I witnessed and absorbed the New Wave era. Summers consisted of friends knocking on your front door (All the time!). You were hyped, anticipating the "Knock." We would walk or bike everywhere, arcades, movies, go fishing, swim. The most crucial part of the '80s was that friends simply hung out together and talked for hours. Imagination, friends, and the outdoors made the 80's.

I'm James Murray, and I would like to dedicate this book to all the 80s fanatics around the globe.

Here are his books.
James Murray
Writing with Pen


Meet The Author

Janet lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her artist husband, charismatic son, and three neurotic cats. Janet is a lifelong fan of reading and writing stories. New Beginnings may be her debut novel, but she has several projects in the works. Unlike some of her characters, she has never been to Africa, although she does dream of going one day.

Here are her books.

Janet Olson
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Meet The Author

Tabitha Smith is a young Caribbean author and also a full-time Secondary School Science teacher. She is a beach, books, and movies fanatic, who hopes to connect with readers everywhere through the pages of her books.

Here are her books.

Tabitha Smith
SGB - Team SG.jpeg

S.G. Blaise

Meet The Author

S.G. was born in a faraway land of castles, monarchies and fallen dictatorships, aka Hungary. Hollywood movies were forbidden under Soviet oppression during her childhood, but her dad smuggled them in anyway, risking his life so that his children could experience the magic and hope inherent in those stories. She watched rebellions unfold in real time. Journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean for love. She ended up in sunny California, where she is living her dream — writing stories and annoying family members.

Here are her books.

S.G. Blaise
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Meagan Pringle

Meet The Author

Writing is my escape from the world.

Here are her books.

Meagan Pringle
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Christine M. Germain

Meet The Author

Christine M. Germain is an Award-Winning American author of Horror Thriller & Paranormal Romance fiction. Born March 8, 1981, in Brooklyn, New York, she found her passion for writing in 1993 and wrote her first horror story at twelve. Watching horror movies and reading young adult horror fiction novels influenced her love for writing a story with a protagonist that looked like her. African American women weren't portrayed as solid leads in horror films or books. Instead of waiting to see if that would happen, she created a story that she would love to read and watch on the big screen that catered to more diverse characters. Admiring authors such as Stephen King and R.L. Stein, Christine pursued her writing journey majoring in literature, and graduated with a performing arts degree. Known for an imagination unlike any other, Christine is ready to take you to a thrilling shapeshifter world with Four book series, "The Brother's Curse Saga."

Here are her books.

Christine M Germain
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Elicia Roper

Meet The Author

My name is Elicia Roper. I am a 26 year old living in Canada. Writing has been therapeutic for me, an outlet for me to finally say the words I could never say out loud. I hope that this book heals you, in the many ways that it has comforted and healed me too.

Here are her books.
Elicia Roper
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Sandra L. Rostirolla

Meet The Author


CIBAs Dante Rossetti Award - 1st Place Best in Category

Author Academy Award - Winner - Best MG/YA

Literary Classics Award - Gold - Best YA/Adventure

Literary Classics Award - Silver - Best YA/Fantasy.

Eric Hoffer Award - Finalist

The Wishing Shelf Award - Finalist

Readers Favorite - Five Stars

Born in Sydney, Australia, Sandra's talents as a lyricist led her to her now husband, composer Kurt Oldman, who co-wrote and produced her CD, THYME. Realizing that writing, rather than singing, was her passion, Sandra began writing screenplays, making the quarterfinals of the American Screenwriters Association Screenwriting Competition, top 200 of Page International, and top fifteen percent of the Nicholl Fellowship.

She wrote and directed the short animation, The Adventures of Gilbert the Goofball, which was runner-up for Best Animation at the Action on Film Festival, and her short story, Lucky Quarter, was a finalist for the Rick DeMarinis Short Story Award.

Selected to participate in the Australians in Film Writers Room, Sandra work-shopped the screenplay version of her novel, Cecilia. She remains active with the core Alumni group, which meets monthly to review and critique each other’s work.

When she’s not imagining fantastical stories grounded by rules and reasoning, Sandra’s usually renovating something around the house or sneaking away with her husband for a last minute ski-trip.

Here are her books.

Sandra L Rostirolla
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Meadoe Hora

Meet The Author

Meadoe Hora is a writer, working mom, dog rescuer, and lover of beautiful words. She writes books for teens with strong female leads and classic mythology. Her work has appeared in Chicken Soup for the Soul and numerous websites. Her website is She also writes about her health and fitness journey at She lives in WI with her family, 2 spoiled basset hounds, and a crazy black lab.

Here are her books

Meadoe Hora
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Meet The Author

Vivian Rolfe is currently studying Social Work. She spends most of the year in Idaho, and makes the occasional visit to Arizona where her family resides. Vivian found her love for writing when she was in junior high. She spent a few months planning her first book, Shapeshifters. When she entered high school, she had the opportunity to go to Calvacade Authors of the West, where she heard other authors tell different tactics they used. Sophomore year of high school and Vivian finally finished her first manuscript. Since then, she’s created plot lines for three more series, on top of Shapeshifters, as well as many other novels. For more information about this author and what else she has in store, go follow her on Instagram @writer.vivian.rolfe or Twitter @vivian_rolfe.

Here are her books.

Vivian Rolfe
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Monica Shantel

Meet The Author

Monica Shantel is an artist and the author of Beauty of a Crimson Soul. To add more to the ever-growing fantasy worlds inside her head, Monica writes dark tales of mythical romance. She began building stories at the age of twelve to escape reality and find hope in life once again. She works out of her home in Idaho and swims wherever she can during the summer months.

Here are her books.

Monica Shantel
20210419_093501 - Alexandria Miracola.jpg


Meet The Author

Alexandria Miracola is a Christian fantasy author and owner of 21:25 Books, an independent publishing company. She loves stories that draw readers' hearts back to God and remind them that light is always overcoming darkness. Her first novel was Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel. She is currently off somewhere, writing about dragons and brewing a pot of tea. You can find her stories at

Here are her books. Thay are not available on Amazon--only on her website (she sells more than books)

Chip Cover - FRONT(1).jpg
Penelope Grace Front Cover.jpg
Alexandria Miracola
SUNSHINE - Sunshine.jpg


Meet The Author

Sunshine Rodgers has written 12 books which have landed on Amazon’s International Best Seller lists in 26 different categories, including #1 in the United Kingdom, #2 in the United States and #25 in Canada. Her books have been translated in several languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese). She has participated in 6 book tours and dozens of book signings. She has a team of 31 people and has used 67 real-life people as characters in her stories. When she is not writing, Sunshine is a guest and featured author on 51 Media Interviews on radio, podcasts and online magazines. Sunshine is a Brand Ambassador to 20 Fashion, Beauty & Skincare Companies. She is a Blogger and an Entrepreneur to her 49,000 social media followers.

Here are her books. They can also be found at B&,, and

Sunshine Rodgers
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