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Fantasy Authors 3 +

S.A. Gonsalves
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Meet The Author

S.A. Gonsalves is a Canadian author from Ontario.

While The Blood Princess is her debut novel, it is not the only book she has planned.

She can’t wait to bring more of the world of Vartugaul to you along with tons of other stories that bang around in her head just waiting to get out.

In her spare time if she isn’t writing (which doesn’t happen often with a toddler at home), she tries to junk journal, paint, design, catch up on her ever-growing TBR list, anime list and game list. While also trying to balance mom life and fitting in dates with her husband when they aren’t just sleeping instead or being potatoes on the couch and re-watching Naruto.

Here are her books.


Ophelia Kee

Meet The Author

Not who everyone thinks she is.

The product of someone’s imagination.

The end result of a lifetime wishing to get out.

Do not buy the lie.

If you live in fear, you give up freedom.

Taking the risk and making the leap.

Too much of anything is a bad thing.

Innuendo floating on the mist that rises above the water.

Walk away and leave it all behind.

Telling the story that haunts a fantasy.

Catching a dream.

She does not exist.

Ophelia Kee

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Get updates on the characters and information on release dates for new books by visiting the webpage

Here are her books. Ebooks are displayed but paperback and hardbound are available as well.

Ophelia Kee
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Meet The Author

Mike grew up in Brisbane, Australia, imagining he was everything from a rogue pirate to an intergalactic traveller. His desire to write began as a student at primary school when one of his short stories won second prize in a local writing challenge. University and teacher training – another childhood imagining – beckoned following high school. His career spanned nearly 40 years during which he shared his love of learning with students of all ages, from pre-schoolers to adult learners. Now retired, he continues the sharing through this website and his scary, exciting fantasy novels aimed at the 10-12 age group. Mike’s other interests include playing piano, watching basketball games (his playing days are over) and story-telling with his grandkids.

Here are his books

Mike Cooper
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T.R. Tells

Meet The Author

T.R. Tells chose the pen name created as a play on words "T.R "TELLS a story”. She’s a book/manga-lover for anything fantasy (but will try any genre) and created her first story at 11 years old. T.R. Tells feels a passion towards her writing and hopes that—even if it's just one person—feels the amount of effort, love, and determination that is expressed through her words. When she's not writing, you can find her binge-watching anime (or Netflix) or burying herself in another manga,

Here are her books.

TR Tells
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Mary E.

Meet The Author

Mary E. Jung is the worldwide author and publisher of the Etrucian Royals and The Libra Witch Series and the Socrates. Mary lives with her two sons and husband in Pennsylvania. She received her bachelor’s degree in Arts Studies with an emphasis in Arts Management and Opera from Shenandoah University. She's a Publishers Weekly spotlight author. 2022 Anthology writer for Sherrilyn Kenyon. #1 New Release for Etrucian Royals Series 2023 Join her on Instagram @peninhandmej and Facebook Author Mary E. Jung.

Here are her books.

Mary E Jung
20210419_093501 - Alexandria Miracola.jpg


Meet The Author

Alexandria Miracola is a Christian fantasy author and owner of 21:25 Books, an independent publishing company. She loves stories that draw readers' hearts back to God and remind them that light is always overcoming darkness. Her first novel was Penelope Grace and the Winter Carousel. She is currently off somewhere, writing about dragons and brewing a pot of tea. You can find her stories at

Here are her books. Thay are not available on Amazon--only on her website (she sells more than books)

Chip Cover - FRONT(1).jpg
Penelope Grace Front Cover.jpg
Alexandria Miracola
SUNSHINE - Sunshine.jpg


Meet The Author

Sunshine Rodgers has written 12 books which have landed on Amazon’s International Best Seller lists in 26 different categories, including #1 in the United Kingdom, #2 in the United States and #25 in Canada. Her books have been translated in several languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese). She has participated in 6 book tours and dozens of book signings. She has a team of 31 people and has used 67 real-life people as characters in her stories. When she is not writing, Sunshine is a guest and featured author on 51 Media Interviews on radio, podcasts and online magazines. Sunshine is a Brand Ambassador to 20 Fashion, Beauty & Skincare Companies. She is a Blogger and an Entrepreneur to her 49,000 social media followers.

Here are her books. They can also be found at B&,, and

Sunshine Rodgers
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Meet The Author

The Dorian half of Dorian Moore works as a preschool teacher by day, but in her free time, she is a book-hoarding dragon with a frozen coffee in one hand and a pen in the other. In school, it was believed she was an avid note-taker, but she was really writing stories in her composition notebooks and avoiding math like the plague. When she’s not killing off characters, she’s helping them find love. She lives in Delaware with her loving husband, two boys, and a houseful of pets. The Moore half of Dorian Moore is a therapist by day, writer by night. When she’s not working with clients or writing, she’s hanging out with her husband and young son in her hometown in Delaware. She also enjoys recreational archery and finding new toys for her pretty purple Jeep (aptly named Hawkeye). Moore writes in the fantasy genre when writing with Dorian and leans towards contemporary new adult romance (dabbling in the Christian fiction genre as well) in her own stories.

Here are her books. You can also find them at Hockessinbookshelf.

Dorian Moore
Author Picture - Erin Casey.png

Erin Casey

Meet The Author

Erin Casey is an urban fantasy writer and author of The Purple Door District series. She’s a Founder of The Writers’ Rooms, a literary non-profit corporation that focuses on providing a free, safe environment to all writers no matter their income, skillset, race, and gender. Within the organization, she leads a fantasy/sci-fi group called The Violet Realm which meets twice a month. An advocate for mental health, she openly talks about her struggles with depression/anxiety/ADHD/CPTSD/eating disorder on her social media platforms and supports the LGBTQIA+ community. She firmly believes in supporting fellow authors be it through offering writing lessons in the Violet Realm, literary tips in her blog and on social media, or providing encouragement to those seeking to find their creative voice. And, of course, she’s a devoted bird mom to six feathered kids. To learn more about her and her organization, visit

Erin Casey
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Meet The Author

As a lover of fairy tales, magic and history, Arnella dreamed of being a fantasy author since early childhood. This dream finally came true with the release of Leaves of Holly in 2021, and later with Garden of Silver in 2023. She's also on YouTube where she makes cosy videos on books and fairy tales. She currently lives in Iceland where she's working on the third instalment of the Leaves of Holly trilogy. For news, updates and the occasional sneak peek you can find her on Instagram @arnellahobler.

Here are her books.

Arnella Hobler


Meet The Author

Daze Evander is a fiction author with stories about otherworldly discoveries in the midst of survival. 

Here are her books.

Daze Evander
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K.L. Hester

Meet The Author

K.L. Hester was born and raised just outside of Salt Lake City, Utah. Surrounded by the beautiful Utah mountains, her imagination was allowed to run wild. When she isn’t reading or writing, she can be found spending time playing board games with her family or Dungeons and Dragons with her husband and friends. She lives in Utah with her husband, son, two cats, and dog. Wounds of Ash is her debut novel.

Here are her books.

K.L. Hester
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