Dan B. Fierce

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Dan B. Fierce loves humor and horror alike, and many things in between. A long time fan of authors such as Stephen King, Dean Koontz, and Edgar Alan Poe, he lets his darker side come out to play in the macabre, "Revenge," demonstrates the tension caused by the coronavirus with "Mistaken," and gives the reader a taste of dark humor with "Warning Shot," all contained within the covers of the “2020 Indie Authors’ Short Story Anthology.”

He has over twenty years of experience writing stand-up and sketches, comedy, and over 10 years of competitive creative writing in online forums. His work can be found in the archives of various wrestling-based  "E-Federation" websites, such as XWF, WGWF, and PCW, with beloved characters such as "The Lunatic," "The Fabulous One" Dan Fierce, Nathan Saniti, and Joey "The Handyman" Handy. He has also had some opinion pieces published in KC Lifestyles Magazine.

Here are his books.

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"Mistaken" is the story he wrote
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A.R. Grosjean

Meet The Author

A.R. Grosjean writes full time. She began writing when she was 11 years old, just one year after giving up from being bullied. She thanks God everyday that her attempt of suicide failed. Now she has 13+ books written and published in the genres of Romance, Fantasy, Thriller, and more. She continues to write everyday in hopes to save others the same way her stories saved her.

She is married with 3 adult children, and 4 grandchildren who calls her Nana. She is expecting her 5th grandchild in March of 2022. Her husband and children are her biggest fans. Amber and her husband are currently living in Fort Wayne, Indiana.



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Meet The Author

​Born and raised primarily in Illinois, Slate R. Raven started his writing career after attempting several other means of artistic expression. However, after a debilitating injury to his spine, Slate was left with the option of watching daytime television or finding something that proved to be more productive. So with that, Slate chose writing as a means of purging the turbulent emotions that coursed through his veins over being a prisoner of one's own body.

The first of many novels emerged while sitting under a Laptop computer, a generous gift from his father. To pass the time during the long months of surgery and physical therapy Slate continued to write finishing his second novel, Fresh Start, which is where he was offered a contract with a publishing company along with several other of his books. After several years, Slate has made the decision to go the Indie route and has recently pulled his old novels from shelves and began again.

Doctors had embedded a morphine pump in Slate’s abdomen, allowing a drop of morphine to hit the nerve directly once per hour. This allows Slate a great deal more movement and less pain than prior to the injury; as an added bonus since the amount of the morphine is so slight since delivered directly to the source, Slate isn’t forced to walk through life in a perpetual fog that oral painkillers bring about. Life has started to look a whole lot better! As of 2021 he has two novels in print, ebook and audio formats, and will be publishing 2 more novels in 2022.

Here are all of Slate's books