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Grant Me Justice: A Mother's Journey from Murder and Mourning to Mercy and Dancing Paperback – September 19, 2023

by Felecia Marshall (Author)

4.9 4.9 out of 5 stars    12 ratings

8.49 Ebook

On March 14, 2017, everything about Felecia Marshall's life as she knew it changed when her daughter Alexia was murdered.


At the time, it seemed like a pit that she would never be able to ascend. But God!

Reflecting on, and growing from, this experience, she penned the book Grant Me Justice and founded Grant Me Justice: A Voice for the Victim, where she has been given the privilege of connecting with women worldwide who have lost their children to violence.

This book is powerfully and compellingly written, as is only possible when one writes from deeply felt and seriously considered experience. A book about the loss of a child to violence could be simply a negative condemnation of that violence and of the people who carried it out. A story of dealing with the court system in a search for justice could be a tale of despair, producing only anger.

There is anger to be felt in these stories - righteous anger. There are moments of deep despair. There are evils encountered and wrongs done.

But God!

This book tells the story of the wrongs. It portrays the evil so you can know it, recognize it, and acknowledge it, but it then goes on to deal with it in light of the gospel, in the light of our God who knows our pain, our anger, even our despair, and walks with us from there to dancing.

There are places in this book that will challenge you to consider your own actions. God is found to be the source of justice, but are you ready to be part of bringing that justice to others?

Felecia Marshall has chosen to build when she could tear down. She has chosen to move to dancing when she could spend her life in mourning. She has chosen to help others find justice, when she could-justifiably-spend her time in criticizing and complaint.

Now she has opened herself up to you through these heartfelt words in the hope of helping you find the same joy.

Will you read this and face the challenge?

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