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About BookTour

BookTour is a website devoted to readers. We are a collection of Indie Authors trying to find our way in the world of books. We each have our own way of writing and seeing the world. We have our own missions. The one thing we have in common is that we all love to write and bring the best story we can. It is our dream to become the author of your choice, to bring you joy, to help you escape the cruel world that has you running.  It is our dream to entertain you.


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The Founder of BookTour

A.R. Grosjean founded BookTour with the hope of helping other Indie Authors like herself. When she began writing, she didn't understand the Writing World and how hard it would be to put a book in someone's hand. She learned through trial and error, just like any other author. She was even published through the traditional means, learning a lot from the editors and publishers. A.R. Grosjean decided to take the route of Indie Publishing to gain control over the prices of her books, how the books were designed, and more. She never regretted her decision but learned it would be a bigger challenge to gain readers. Why? She was unheard of in a world of big-name authors competing for the light.

Authors shouldn't have to compete with each other to gain your attention. We should be writing, creating worlds you can become lost in. Another author approached A.R. Grosjean with the idea of creating a blog that would help other authors. A.R. Grosjean took it a step further by creating this website. Instead of charging authors to be placed on the site, she decided that everyone included would simply share the link for the site, giving everyone on the site an opportunity to be seen by readers across the world. Hence the name.

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Want to Join Us?

By joining this site, you become part of our family! We'd love to have you!

Fill out the form on our homepage and A.R. Grosjean will add you as soon as possible. Be sure to include all the genres you write under so A.R. Grosjean may place you in the appropriate sections on the site. If you use more than one pen name, fill out the form as many times as needed for each name. She will include all books under each pen name with a link to Amazon's purchase pages. She will email you once she is finished so you may visit the site and double-check the information.

All that is asked is to share the link for the site. This gives you and all other authors more visibility. All authors on the site are asked the same thing. In this concept, we are traveling across the world!

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