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Herm Rawligs

Meet The Author


FAMILY TRADITION: What started as a handwritten, 4-page short story 30 years ago became my first effort at writing a book. I was stationed aboard the Coast Guard Cutter Tamaroa and back then, we didn’t have all the luxuries of today (internet, satellite, cell phones, etc.) so we had to make our own entertainment. A short story contest was held while we were on patrol and I came up with the initial story. Last year, I found the story and decided to try my hand at a book. I knew I had to really expand the story so off I went. Through trial and error, and a hefty dose of assistance from an old high school friend (John Sheirer, who happens to be an English Professor), we finished the book and released it through Scantic Books last summer. The following is the description on the back of the book: “Every sailor knows the legends surrounding the Bermuda Triangle, including young recruit Josh Hartman onboard the Coast Guard Cutter Tuckahoma. During an otherwise routine patrol off the Atlantic coast, Hartman’s ship gets drawn into the adventure of a lifetime. As Josh delves deeper into a stunning mystery, he realizes that his future depends on connecting with his own past to discover the true meaning of his “Family Tradition. This debut book by Herm Rawlings shows a detailed knowledge of ship operations from his own service in the Coast Guard. Rawlings enhances that first-hand realism of life onboard ship with a vivid imagination, strong character development, and gripping action to create a story that stays with readers long after turning the final page.” Family Tradition is a novella of 105 pages making it good for a short read.


FOLLOW THE MOON: I had a lot of folks that read Family Tradition express to me that the story had questions that they wanted answers to. Kind of left them hanging, so to speak. So I put the ol’ thinking cap on and came up with a follow-up story that hopefully answered their questions while also leaving open the possibility of another “episode”. You don’t have to read the first book to understand this one as I tried to make it a stand-alone book. But it will definitely help if you read Family Tradition as well. Most of the characters in this book are based on people that I know. Mainly the four college friends all have been based on my son and three of his friends. I incorporated the main female character based on my wife. Even our dog Hannah has an appearance! Chatties Lounge is an actual business on Chincoteague Island, Va., and if you visit them on Sundays, you may see Laura behind the bar. If you do, tell her you read about her! The geographics of Hyndman, Pa., are accurate as well as I can remember as that’s where I grew up.

Here’s a brief description of the book: Follow the adventure of four college friends out on a day fishing trip as they find themselves drawn into an experience like no other. What was to be a relaxing trip turns into a series of events that none could have expected or imagined. What's on the "other side"? No one knew...until now.

Follow The Moon is much larger than Family Tradition, just over double the word count at 135 pages.

"It's really terrific! The entire story holds well together very well. The interplay between the characters is witty and works well to develop each one, and the range of characters interconnects clearly. The dialog is fantastic, and the action sequences are the best part of the book. Overall, it's a great spin-off from the first book that connects stories while creating a unique and independent story. Bravo!"...John Sheirer, Scantic Books.

I hope you enjoy my efforts and I sincerely appreciate all your support.

Stay tuned, you never know what will come out of this head in the future!

My biggest influence when I’m writing is Clive Cussler, the award-winning action/adventure author who just past away. I have every one of the Dirk Pitt novels and I think you’ll see his influence in my books. During the writing process, I’m constantly running the story like a movie in my head, making sure it flows and makes sense. Most of the time it works but inevitably, sometimes it just doesn’t work for me. Perfectionist? Yeah, when it comes to the story I am. And it’s always a slight struggle to determine if it’s done or not. Should I add more or expand? Will the reader see it as I do? With the help of my publisher, we get to where we think it should be.

Ok I'll work on it shortly


Here are his books

Linda Rettstatt


Meet The Author

Linda Rettstatt was born in Brownsville, Pennsylvania and worked for her hometown newspaper following graduation from high school. She began her writing career reviewing community theater productions (a task no one else on the news staff wanted.) In 2004, she penned her first novel, And The Truth Will Set You Free (Wings ePress, 2007). The novel finaled for a 2008 EPIC e-Book Award. Three more have since finaled for EPIC eBook Awards, with her mainstream novel, Love, Sam winning the 2012 EPIC eBook Award. In 2016, Ladies in Waiting won the award for contemporary fiction.

Linda writes women's fiction and contemporary romance. Her background as a psychotherapist serves her in digging deeply into the emotional and psychological depths of her characters. She is independently published. She is also a freelance editor/copy editor/proofreader.

Linda currently resides in Mississippi where she is allowed to share an apartment with her cat, Stormy (as long as she continues to bring home the kibble).

Visit her website at and her blog at

Below are all of Linda's Books

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Meet The Author

I am an Israeli woman who lives, works, and loves in Tel Aviv. The city is as much a part of my books as any other character.

I have worked as a senior investment manager for many years and my books follow the unique struggles, triumphs, and search for love of women working in Tel Aviv’s capital markets. 

Here are her books.

Mia Sivan
Havelah McLat
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Havelah McLat

Meet The Author

Havelah McLat grew up on a small farm in rural Ohio with her family. As a kid, she spent hours drawing and then crafting short stories to go along with her illustrations. As she got older, her passion grew to write stories about the world, faith, and topics that matter the most to her. She has written several short fictions that have been featured in different anthologies. When she isn’t writing, she reads books, draws, helps with activity events in her local church and community, and spends time with her family.

Here are her books!

LisaBarker - Lisa Barker.jpg


Meet The Author

Writing since she was fifteen, Lisa Barker says: I like to write about relationships with realistic characters and situations because life happens. But, as messy as life gets, I like to see people overcome the odds, good win, and love prevail. Her debut novel, INHERITANCE, brings two people together who do have rather complicated lives. It takes a lot to get from A to Z, but nothing is impossible with faith, hope and love. A graduate of San Francisco State University (many, many years ago), Lisa lives in California with her husband, her youngest son, and 13 cats. Her older children are never too far away. She has a multitude of granddogs, grandcats, and a grandrabbit. Family is everything to her.

Lisa Barker
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Meet The Author

I live in PA with my husband. I love reading, writing, and traveling. I’m also a Seinfeld aficionado and a Billy Joel superfan. A Week of Warm Weather is my debut novel.

Here are her books.
Lee Bukowski
Tiff Image Logo2-min - Linda McDonald.png


Meet The Author

Tiffany was born and raised in the chilly Midwest and has worked in the medical field for most of her life. Always an avid reader, it’s been a lifelong dream of hers to write her own stories. Now transplanted to the sunny south and retired from her medical career, she is finally fulfilling that dream. Accompanied by an overgrown Ragdoll cat named after King Leopold, a frisky terrier mix pup, who should have been named “Trouble”, and her husband and soulmate, who also should have been named “Trouble”, you can find her at her keyboard clicking away at creating stories for her readers to enjoy.

Here are her books.

Tiffany Daniels
IMG_20220224_133037_851 - Clare Bentley.jpg


Meet The Author

Clare Bentley is a married mother of a son and a daughter, who are now adults. She was raised by a single mother and didn’t care to know her abusive biological father, instead considering her stepfather to be her dad.

Playtime for her growing up was filled with creating scenarios to act out and making up dance routines to her favourite songs of the late 80s to early 90s.

She discovered a love of writing in secondary school English, which was the only lesson she cared to attend, and the only GCSE’s she actually got a decent grade in.

She never really had a passion for anything other than being a mother until she was one, and that’s when she decided to try her hand at writing.

It started with fan fiction, about Backstreet Boys, then *NSYNC and – more recently – the TV show, Supernatural. She loved it and met some incredible friends that encouraged her to use her skills to tell her own stories, with characters she created from scratch.

And that led her into the world of self-publishing.

Here are her books.

Clare Bentley
84E95E8B-EBA7-467F-88CA-45E5549A2A4D - Emorie Cole.jpeg


Meet The Author

Emorie Cole is a small-town girl who loves to show her creative side through her writing. She wants her readers to be swept into the world of sweet with heat, small-town romances where they’ll feel emotional bonds being formed between new loves and second chances.

 When she’s not writing you can find her curled up with a good book, spending time with her family, playing with her dog, and enjoying the seasons in the beautiful Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
 Be sure to sign up for her newsletter on her website at

Here are her books.

Emorie Cole
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Clive Aaron Gill

Meet The Author

Being born in Zimbabwe set the stage for global experiential travel in Africa, Europe and North America. Visiting places and meeting people who tell their passionate and relevant stories is the source of inspiration in my writing. While attending both Los Angeles City College and the University of California, professors recognized the spark and spirit of my storytelling. As a result of their encouragement, I made a lifetime commitment to the craft of writing and have published numerous stories. Having served as a mediator for the Superior Court of California and adjudicator for several cities has provided a unique insight into people in turmoil and in need of compassion. The positive impact people can have on each other has been a welcome common thread in the tapestry of my writing journey.

Here are his books

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Clive Aaron Gill
Serlina Rose - 1_page-0001 - Serlina Rose.jpg

Serlina Rose

Meet The Author

Dream & Entice! Dominican born, humble writer & Indie Author from the “Paradise Isle” in the Caribbean – the commonwealth of Dominica. Serlina is an avid romance reader & an aspiring romance novelist. She loves to freely express herself through writing, hoping to inspire others with her words. In 2020, Serlina became an international poetess officially through the writers community on twitter, and to date have 60+ poetry pieces officially published in various coauthored books. She's a coauthor to 20+ anthologies & a compiler of a few. Apart from writing, Serlina Rose is a small town entrepreneur & college student pursing her degree in English, hoping to later further her studies into Creative Writing. As she hopes to better her writing & complete her romance novel. Serlina resides in a peaceful & picturesque (very scenic) community called Calibishie, "nets of reefs", along the waters edge/coastline. It's the community which is protected by the only longest barrier reef on the Caribbean Island known as the Nature Island.

Here are her books.

Serlina Rose

Kim Wilch

Meet The Author

Kim lives in Nebraska with her husband of 36 years, two precious pooches, a litter box-trained bunny, and a duck that quacks her up. She is a mom of two and grandma to three amazing grandchildren. Besides writing, Kim loves to camp, volunteer, travel, and get creative with arts and crafts.

Here are her books

WTF Why the Frown Duck is a clean adult parody.

Kim Wilch
SUNSHINE - Sunshine.jpg


Meet The Author

Sunshine Rodgers has written 12 books which have landed on Amazon’s International Best Seller lists in 26 different categories, including #1 in the United Kingdom, #2 in the United States and #25 in Canada. Her books have been translated in several languages (Spanish, English and Portuguese). She has participated in 6 book tours and dozens of book signings. She has a team of 31 people and has used 67 real-life people as characters in her stories. When she is not writing, Sunshine is a guest and featured author on 51 Media Interviews on radio, podcasts and online magazines. Sunshine is a Brand Ambassador to 20 Fashion, Beauty & Skincare Companies. She is a Blogger and an Entrepreneur to her 49,000 social media followers.

Here are her books. They can also be found at B&,, and

Sunshine Rodgers
IMG-20230512-WA0017 - Peter Scholes.jpg


Meet The Author

I am a primary school teacher by day and single parent to a beautiful little girl the rest of the time.

Writing is an enjoyable hobby of mine when I am not planning lessons or watching my beloved Carlisle United (something else that has been denied us for much of this last 18 months in these strange time).

I love to write and take myself to all sorts of weird and wonderful places. I have recently finished my second and third novels, Once Upon A Time There Was A Man and With Every Breath after releasing me 'Conscience' a few years ago.

I have written a series of children's books (, plays, scripts, poems and educational resources for schools.

I am self-published through Amazon and am not represented by anyone as yet but I hope it is only a matter of time before publishers and agencies beat a path to my door. I would very much like to retire early. :-)

Here are his books.

Peter Scholes


Meet The Author

Jonathan Ashman was born in 1971 and is married with four children and a deranged Springer spaniel.

His first book, Double Date was first published in 2019, and the sequel, Double Date part two: Double Back is now out with more in the series to come.

He lives in West Wales in the United Kingdom and can often be found driving buses, playing guitar and he has even been known to act occasionally.

Here are all of his books.
Jonathan Ashman

Arlene Lomazoff-Marron

Meet The Author

About a week before I retired from a job in the healthcare field in December 2019, a coworker commented that I should do something from my bucket list. I immediately replied that I would write a novel. I wondered why I had replied so quickly and with such conviction. I considered college and a career in writing, but decided to go to nursing school instead. I hadn’t thought about writing a book since my adolescence. I didn't realize writing a novel was on my bucket list.

Beneath A Blanket Of Snow was my first novel. Due to the wonderful reviews from readers, I decided to keep writing. My second novel, If We Had Known, was released in April 2021. I am working on a third novel for a 2022 release.

Please visit my website or follow me here

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Here are her books

Arlene Lomazoff-Marron

Meet The Author

Laura Lyndhurst was born and grew up in North London, England, before marrying and travelling with her husband in the course of his career. When settled back in the UK she became a mature student and gained Bachelor's and Master's degrees in English and Literature before training and working as a teacher. She started writing in the last few years in the peace and quiet of rural Lincolnshire, and published her debut novel, Fairytales Don’t Come True, in May 2020. This book forms the first of a trilogy, Criminal Conversation, of which the second is Degenerate, Regenerate and All That We Are Heir To the third. Innocent, Guilty, the first of another trilogy, continues the story told in these three books and leads on to The Future of Our House, which is followed by Uphill, Downhill, Over, Out as the sixth and final book to end the series. Laura also developed a taste for psychological suspense, which led to the writing and publication of You Know What You Did, to which What Else Did You Do? is the sequel. Laura has also published four small books of poems, October Poems, Thanksgiving Poems and Prose Pieces, Poet-Pourri and Social Climbing and Other Poems.

Here are her books.

Laura Lyndhurst
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