Jacqueline Terrill

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Jacqueline Terrill is an Author of Romantic Suspense, Chick-Lit, Mystery, and Historical genre's. She's a native of Pennsylvania. For more than twenty years she was an Entrepreneur, Business owner. She attended Shenango Valley School of Business, Gannon University for Business Marketing, and attended Penn State Shenango Valley Slackwriters' Group.

Jacqueline also runs several AUTHOR GROUPS. Currently, she is ghostwriting, and getting ready to prepare for her next two novels.

My husband Neil, my dog Cream, and my cat Oliver are the finest part of my everyday lifestyle. That goes without mentioning my children, and grandchildren. We live in Western Pennsylvania.
She also writes in other genres. Here are all of her books.
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Cynthia Myer

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Cindy (Cynthia) Myer lives the country life in central Illinois, the U.S.A. with her husband, children, and dogs. She enjoys a great cup of hot tea while watching the sunrise over the pond and snuggling up with a good book to read and a dog to keep her feet warm.

For more than two decades, Cynthia Myer spent her days teaching in a public high school, community college, or small groups such as Boy Scouts, Bible School, and Prevention programs while raising a family of three children with her husband.  From a very young age, she knew she wanted to be in a profession that helped others - doctor, nurse, teacher, farmer, etc.  In her early college days, she discovered tutoring and a joy in teaching others to succeed.  Decades later as the education environment changed, she found herself drawn to teach and help in a different way - as an author of books.

As a teacher, an urgent issue was quite apparent:  our children as high school students were not well-equipped emotionally to be young adults.  These students could hardly identify their feelings accurately and efficiently, much less react productively.  The simplest thing (book knocked off a desk by a classmate) could inspire an extreme outburst and possibly a verbal or physical altercation.  To address this issue, Cynthia began exploring WHY this was happening.
The American family structure had fundamentally changed in the preceding years.  Gone was the two-parent structure with family meals together and hours of honest communication.  Single-parent homes, both parents forced to work longer and longer hours, overtaxed - physically and emotionally - modern parents simply had less time and energy to give to their children.  Those children either learned on their own, from other adults in their lives or not at all how to deal with their emotions.  Cynthia decided to address this issue by writing a series of books aimed at younger children AND the adult in their lives.  (Younger children are more open and adaptable.)

George the Grasshopper was born.  This Read WITH Me Emotional Literacy Series book approaches common emotional and social issues facing our children. BUT that's not all!  Each book includes built-in lessons/questions Cynthia wrote based on her years of teaching.  It's like a road map for parents to open conversations with their children.  Honest connections. Honest discussions.  Both build the relationship AND emotional literacy that will help the child grow into an emotionally resilient young adult.

Plans are in place for more George the Grasshopper books to address the growing concerns of our changing society. These are all of her books.
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Mark Bridgeman was born in Swindon, Wiltshire in 1965 and is now based in Highland Perthshire, Scotland. After a career working in Finance, Marketing and Sports Coaching, he has now turned his passion for writing, crime fiction and non-fiction, history and sport into words. Mark's first book "The River Runs Red" was published in 2019. A history of true crime in Highland Perthshire, the book proved an immediate success, selling out its first print run.

Surviving In The Shadows and Blood Beneath Ben Nevis were published in March 2020 and have been positively received. After receiving positive reviews in Scotland Magazine, Perthshire Advertiser and The Scotsman, The Lost Village of Lawers was published in September 2020, and has already sold out two print runs. Mark followed that with The Beacon On The Hill in December 2020, which was featured on BBC Radio, and launched to positive reviews.

The Dark Side of the Dales and Footsteps at Finlarig were both released in May 2021, continuing Mark's engaging examination of local crime and history.

Mark has appeared on ITV, BBC Radio, together with interviews, podcasts and personal appearances.

Here are all of Mark's books


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