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A.R. Grosjean is an author of Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller, Science Fiction, and beyond. With A.R. Grosjean (aka Amber), there's an adventure waiting to be explored. The sky is the limit--it's where Amber resides! Head over to the Books page and choose your adventure in various different genres. More to come soon!

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He’s not from this place. He was given a guilty verdict during an unfair trial and escapes to Earth. An accident renders him unconscious. When he awakes, he has no knowledge of where he came from or who he is. During his recovery, he becomes friends with a beautiful nurse.

“John Doe’s” life will never be the same. When he learns the truth of who he is, more questions come up. Did he commit murder or was he framed? Why would someone want to kill the Duke? Why would this person frame John?

The closer he becomes to the people on Earth, the more he wants to live among them and save the planet from Lord Vaduel—the leader of his people. Lord Vaduel turned his back on his race and now wants to conquer Earth, making the humans his slaves. Will John prove his innocence and stop an invasion, or will he die trying?

Look for this title in September 25, 2023

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Two lives are forever changed when a virus sweeps the nation.

Thomas stole a serum, trying to better his life. When someone steals it from him, it leaves him questioning the people who hired him. What is the serum? Did he just help them release a deadly virus?

Rick was just a janitor. During the outbreak of a deadly virus, his wife speaks her mind and gets the two of them kidnapped. Now she's dead.

Thomas and Rick search for answers. They join a group searching for the same thing. They know who released the virus. Did this man do it? Or was it someone else? Why would someone intentionally release a deadly virus?

Look for this title on Dec. 10, 2023


A.R. Grosjean is the author of 21 books including The Peterson Estate series, Mother of the Dragons, The World Bureau Legacy series, and The Fairytale Adventures series; just to name a few.

Amber believes in having the freedom to enjoy a variety of different things and having an adventure at the same time.

That is why she writes in so many genres! She has thousands of stories and millions of people living inside her head. They have to come out. Writing is not only her passion but her life. Without it, she wouldn't be here! 

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Review by Booklover (5 stars) March 11, 2023

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I read Birth of a Witch by A. R. Grosjean through Kindle Unlimited subscription. I enjoyed the pace because it seemed like something new was happening, a new problem needing to be faced, in every chapter. People, rooms, chambers, and hallways appeared and disappeared, creating tension and mystery. Birth of a Witch is an easy and smooth read suitable for teens as well as adults.

--Pat Spencer, author of Story of a Stolen Girl.

Review by K. Turner for Fairytale's Truth

4.0 out of 5 stars 

A cute and imaginative story!

Reviewed in the United States on May 13, 2023

Verified Purchase

Perfect for any child who loves fairytales and stories about magic.

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A.R. Grosjean has begun making covers for other authors. There are 37 total so far, but more pre-made covers are being made. Head over to the Covers 4 Sale page to learn more. These covers are free. If there are elements from different covers that you like, please let Amber know and she can re-work a new cover to achieve that "look".

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Hidden Agenda

-December 10, 2023  Pre-Order

A Mother's Pain

-Date not set, 2024


-Date not set, 2024

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