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Sarah has met the man of her dreams, and he lives next door to her family's summer home. The only problem is he's dating her sister, Julie. And she's not the right girl for Eric. Julie will use him and toss him to the curb when she's done. And there's nothing Sarah can do about it. She can't even date him when Julie is finished with him. There are rules. What will Sarah do when Eric asks her to take a chance on love? Will she break the rules Julie made, or will she respect her sister and deny herself a chance at love? If Sarah takes a leap of faith, what will the consequences be? Will it be worth it?


Enjoyable romantic tale


Coming Soon: July, 2022

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When a prank goes terribly wrong, one brother loses his twin. If losing half of you was enough, he learns a terrible secret about him, and now some very bad people think he's the dead brother.

It's a case of mistaken identity. How will he get out of this mess? Will the ghost of his dead brother save him or will he be the result of another prank gone bad?

Look for this title at the end of July, 2022

Look for this title soon

Published Books

Romance Fantasy

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Romance Paranormal

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2 Book Series

YA Fantasy Paranormal

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7 Book Series


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New Review

2 Book Set

Fantasy Adventure

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Open-Ended Series

Sci-fi Thriller
Time Travel

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Open-Ended Series

Paranormal Thriller


4 Book Series

The Author

"Hey there! I'm Amber aka A.R. Grosjean and I love to write stories. I love the process of putting a book together: the idea, putting the idea to paper, creating the plot and characters, everything to do with writing lol. I guess you can say I'm passionate about writing books!"

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"As you learn more about me, you will see that I can't just write one genre. I love too many of them. And my imagination isn't limited, so by writing multiple genres, I have the chance to explore all of my sides. I do love fantasy the most, but I also love to explore romance, science fiction, mystery, thriller, paranormal, and so many more genres. And even though my imagination is already strong, it is always expanding as I learn new things and explore new ways of life." 

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