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A.R. Grosjean is an author in Fantasy, Romance, Mystery, Paranormal, Thriller, Science Fiction, and beyond. Yep, A.R. Grosjean does it all. She is passionate about writing and always has her head in the clouds, spending time with her characters. Learn more about Amber and her books here. Official website.

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Marcus and Ryan have teamed up again to find a missing person. Well, three of them to be more exact. But it's the same person, taken from 3 different places in time. What would drive someone to take the same person multiple times? What is their end game?


Two agents join the search.

Adam, an agent for the World Bureau, has a secret. Will this agent's secret stop him from doing what needs to be done? Will he get his head in the game and do what it takes to find Charles?

Billie has temporarily joined the Bureau to help find her brother. With new memories in tow, will she find the brother she became close to? Or will she lose herself in the chase?

Available now!

Missing Through Time is a
Science Fiction Thriller

World Bureau Legacy, Book 2

Coming Soon!

Kathy has just discovered a room filled with all things lost from her past. As the obsession grows, she is haunted by a secret she's kept from her new husband. The kind of secret that could scare him away. She wants to start a new life with John but she must say goodbye to her old life before she can start a new one. Will she have the strength to face her fears and cut ties from her past? Or will her secret destroy her before she has the chance?


A door leading to Hell has been opened and the key that locks it is missing. Kathy must find that key and push through her fears or die trying. Will she survive or will she pay the final price for wanting all that is lost?

Look for this title on May 1, 2023

Escaping Her Past is a
Women's Fiction Paranormal Thriller.

It is a stand-alone.

Most Recent Review. All reviews come from Amazon, Goodreads, ACX, and BookBub

Review by Booklover (5 stars) March 11, 2023

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I read Birth of a Witch by A. R. Grosjean through Kindle Unlimited subscription. I enjoyed the pace because it seemed like something new was happening, a new problem needing to be faced, in every chapter. People, rooms, chambers, and hallways appeared and disappeared, creating tension and mystery. Birth of a Witch is an easy and smooth read suitable for teens as well as adults.

--Pat Spencer, author of Story of a Stolen Girl.

A.R. Grosjean's Books

A.R. Grosjean is the author of 20 books including Mother of the Dragons, the Peterson Estate series (Birth of a Witch, A New Beginning, Hotel Peterson Estate, The Great War, Hell Bound, The Great Dark Witch, and Angelic Blood), Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse, Spawn of the Curse: Bloodline Curse part 2, The Dead Life, Stolen (Identity Collection, book 1), Fairytale's Truth (The Fairytale Adventures, book 1), Murder Through Time (World Bureau Legacy, book 1), Mistaken (Identity Collection, book 2), Fairytale's Christmas (The Fairytale Adventures, book 2), Home, The Keeper of the Memory Box (The Fairytale Adventures, book 3), Murder in the Wind, and Missing Through Time (World Bureau Legacy, book 2). Read more about A.R. Grosjean.

A.R. Grosjean has begun making covers for other authors. There are 26 total so far, but more pre-made covers are being made. Head over to the Covers 4 Sale page to learn more. These covers are free. If there are elements from different covers that you like, please let Amber know and she can re-work a new cover to achieve that "look".

Escaping Her Past

-May 1, 2023

Fairytale's Beginnings

-fall of 2023

Alien Taskforce

-winter of 2023

Hidden Agenda

-winter of 2023

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