A.R. Grosjean is the multiple-genre author who is passionate about writing. She writes Fantasy, Romance, Paranormal, Science Fiction, Mystery, Thriller, and Horror. Her imagination has no boundaries.

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Detective Joseph James is a newly promoted detective for the El Cannon Police Department. He's got 3 murders to solve. With the suspect list building up, Joe has to find the murder weapons to prove who killed them.


Will the detective find the killer before a fourth person is murdered?

Murder in the Wind is a Detective Mystery

Release date: December 15, 2022

"The author, A.R. Grosjean wove an interesting mystery with Murder in the Wind. I enjoyed how the clues emerged and led me to change my mind several times as to who I thought was the murderer. The plot is well-developed and gives the reader plenty to think about. The links between the cases assigned to the new detective were skillfully developed as were each character with his own problems and foibles.

I appreciated following the action and the detectives’ thought processes through their dealing with police procedures. This novel is a quick read and a lovely way to spend the day. –Pat Spencer, author of Story of a Stolen Girl."


Marcus has a new case. He must find a missing person--all of them. Who would travel through time to kidnap the same man? Why? Billie joins Marcus and Ryan to find the answers and hopefully save the timeline.

Will they do it? Or will it send the timeline spiraling out of control?

Look for this title in the spring.

Expect this title in 2023

Missing Through Time is a Science Fiction Thriller

World Bureau Legacy, Book 2

New Review for Home!

About A.R. Grosjean

A.R. Grosjean is the author of 15+ books including Mother of the Dragons, the Peterson Estate series (Birth of a Witch, A New Beginning, Hotel Peterson Estate, The Great War, Hell Bound, The Great Dark Witch, and Angelic Blood), Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse, Spawn of the Curse: Bloodline Curse part 2, The Dead Life, Stolen (Identity Collection, book 1), Fairytale's Truth (The Fairytale Adventures, book 1), Murder Through Time (World Bureau Legacy, book 1), Mistaken (Identity Collection, book 2), Fairytale's Christmas (The Fairytale Adventures, book 2), Home, and The Keeper of the Memory Box (The Fairytale Adventures, book 3). Read more about A.R. Grosjean

Upcoming Books

Murder in the Wind

-December 15, 2022

Missing Through Time

-spring of 2023

Escaping Her Past

-summer of 2023

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Alien Taskforce: He was found at the side of the road. Amnesia. Finding her was the best thing that could have ever happened to him. But strange people are chasing him. He must learn who they are and why he's being chased. Will the nurse help him? When he learns who he really is, will she stay by his side?

A Mother's Pain: She's always wanted children. When she finally has them, the struggles become real. Not because of the children, but because of her family. One wrong choice takes the children out of the equation. Will she survive without her children? Will she get them back? That's what she needs to find out. Can she fight her whole family? Once a heart is broken, can it be put back together?

Adventures in the Milky Way, book 1: Emily Peterson is back. She's in outer space and must defeat the evil that's trying to rebuild it in his image. Earth and the people she loves are in danger. Will she stop it? Will she survive?

Fairytale Adventures, book 4: A museum is about to open and Maria has a job to do, but Foxmeadow needs help finding a missing Ceptor with magical properties. And there's a new baby coming!

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