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A.R. Grosjean aka Amber --About the Author

A.R. Grosjean’s Latest Releases

Nanobytes book cover

Taking a job testing products was my mother's idea. I had no idea how it would change my life. And boy, did it ever. I lost a lot of weight, became stronger, and now have superhuman abilities. Great, huh? Not so great, when you realize you have to use these abilities against something heading to Earth who are called the Destroyers.

My name is Sophie Martin and I'm a leader of a little group called the Oracles. We're the only ones who can face what's coming. I'm no hero, but it's up to me to do what an alien race couldn't--defeat an alien race that's determined to destroy everything in their path...

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Anna's fight for her children was a battle like no other. Caught between the fiery anger of her mother and her own broken heart, Anna must summon the courage to keep fighting for the love of her children. Set in a world where it seems all hope is lost, Anna must find the strength to never give up. Will she find a way to reclaim her family, or will her mother's will prevail?

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A Mother's Pain book cover
Strange New World ebook cover

Strange New World

When a peculiar man steals Kevin's most valuable watch, he takes chase, jumping into a rabbit hole without thinking about the consequences. Now Kevin is in a strange new world where nothing makes sense. A room filling with water, voices coming from mysterious places, walking fish, and teatime. How do it all connect? Kevin's about to find out. The deeper he goes into this new world, the more confused he is, and he still hasn't gotten his watch back. Will Kevin find the man and retrieve what was taken from him? Will he be able to find his way back home? Could this get any stranger?

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A Mother's Pain

A touching story

Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2024

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A Mother’s Pain by A.R. Grosjean is a story of a young mother named Anna who rises above the horrible treatment she receives from her mother. Anna demonstrates grace, compassion, and tolerance way beyond what her mother is able to show. She is steadfast and persistent until she achieves her most important goal. I won’t say more than that because to do so would spoil the plot. I think many women will relate and benefit from reading this short, easy-to-read book.

–Pat Spencer, author of Golden Boxty in the Frypan and A Baker’s Dozen for Writers: 13 Tips for Great Storytelling.

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It’s a great action-packed story. We can see how Sophie grows from a sweet teenager into a dynamic leader. Her powers, her connection to her parents, her friendship with other testers, her resilience throughout the story is something every reader will find fascinating and relatable as well. Rest of the characters are also terrific. I think Lescaro really fascinated me. In fact, I kept doubting that Orcal was up to no good. lol.

Editor for Nanobytes

C Phillip, Author

Alien Taskforce Audiobook
Excellent story and narrator. This book was a really fun listen! The story was exciting and the characters were well developed. The narrator did an excellent job with the voices. It was really impressive! Just hearing the voice, I knew which character was talking.


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Fairytale's Dreams

-July, 2024

Broken: An Autobiography

-September, 2024

Magical Expansion

-Date not set, 2024

The Song of the Bones and Sun

-Date not set, 2024

Glimpse of Murder

-Date not set, 2024-2025

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