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Fairytale Adventures #3
The Keeper of the Memory Box

Jack Frost visits to say goodbye until next winter and accidentally takes away Maria's memories. Maria and Nemoy, her best friend, will go to the Forest of Lost Memories to find a special box to get her memories back. No human has ever left the forest with their memories intact.

Will Maria find the Memory box? And will her memories remain with her?

Look for this title in September 2022

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Murder in The Wind

Detective James has a murder mystery to solve. In fact, there are 3. When a witness comes forward, revealing the murderer to him, he must make a choice. Turn the man in or run from the law.

What will he do?

Can he handle the truth or will the truth destroy him?

Look for this title in December 2022!

I have begun writing this book, slowly. That is intentional. I am ahead of schedule, which is why I am taking this one slowly. A state trooper has agreed to assist me with the police procedural side of this story!

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Missing Through Time

Marcus has a new case. He must find a missing person--all of them. Who would travel through time to kidnap the same man over and over? Why? Billie joins Marcus and Ryan to find the answers and hopefully save the time line.

Will they do it? Or will it send the time line spirling out of control?

Look for this title in Spring, 2023

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Escaping Her Past

A hidden room filled with all that is lost. A secret that could destroy the life she knows. It's the worst combination there is, and she's about to find out how strong she is.

When her back is against the wall, will she survive the fight? Is her will to live strong enough to endure it?

Look for this title in summer, 2023

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Magical Expansion book 1.png

One of these books will be written in 2023. Your vote will be the final choice. And one more of these may be chosen to finish off the year. The remaining two will be written in 2024. Voting has begun!

  • Alien Taskforce (Scifi Thriller) (1 vote)

  • Fairytale Adventures #4 (1 vote)

  • A Mother's Pain (Women's Fiction) (1 vote)

  • Adventures in the Milky Way #1 (YA Sci-fi Adventure)

More Stories coming in the Future

  • Love Affair

  • Buried House

  • Dream Escape

  • Alien Taskforce

  • Adventures In The Milky Way book 1

  • Enter The Deception (Thriller-Crime)

  • A Mother's Pain

  • The Vanishing Train

  • Home Again (YA Romance, Book2) No series title because it won't be a series

  • The Ghost Detective (series)

  • NanoBytes

  • Homelessness Across America (non-fiction)

  • Trading Places

  • Magical Bracelet

  • Hidden Agenda

  • 100 Lives Reborn

  • Poisoned Rain

  • Worlds of Ying and Yang

  • The Dreamer (fantasy)

  • Giveth and Taketh Away (horror)

  • Where Dead Things Grow (Horror/Thriller)


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