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Peterson Estate 7: Angelic Blood

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This is the final book in the series. 

Emily Peterson has come a long way
since the day she learned she was a
witch but those days were just a
fraction of who she was.

Now she's the Great Witch and she
has done what her destiny said she'd
do. But today as angelic blood runs
through her veins, she is more than
the witch destiny foresaw.

New threats will destroy everything
she worked so hard to protect if she
does nothing. Fighting will take her
away from everyone she loves.

Maybe forever.

Will Emily make the right choice? Will she stop the Great Dark Witch forever?

Look for this on Feb 20, 2022

The Progress

Word Count when finished with the book: 57, 002

Nov 29th: Edited and gained 262 words: 57,264 new total.

Dec 1st: Edited and gained 98 words: 57,362 new total.

Dec 2nd: Edited and gained 289 words: 57,651 new total.

Dec 3rd: Edited and gained 216 words: 57,867 new total.

Dec 6th: Edited and gained 367 words: 58,234 new total.

Dec 7th: Edited and gained 415 words: 58,649 new total. 

Dec 8th: Edited and gained 570 words: 59,219 new total.

Dec 8th: Edited again, gained 169 words: 59,388 new total.

Dec 9th: Edited and gained 352 words: 59,740 new total.

Dec 11th: Edited and gained 484 words: 60,224 new total! I did it!

Dec 12th: Edited and gained 475 words: 60,699 new total.

Dec 14th: Edited and gained 543 words: 61,242 new total.

Dec 15th: Edited and gained 111 words: 61,353 new total.

Dec 15th: Edited again, and gained 45 words: 61,398 new total.

Dec 16th: Edited and gained 596 words: 61,994 new total.

Dec 17th: Edited and gained 19 words: 62,013 new total.

Dec 18th: Finished editing: Gained 220 words: 62,233 new total

Since beginning edits, 3 pages have been gained.

Angelic Blood is officially finished. New word count is 66k.

Homesick official cover.png


Sarah met the man of her dreams. The only problem, he's dating her sister. Julie isn't right for Eric. She will break his heart. Sarah will be there when she does. Will Sarah have her happily ever after?

Look for this title in Summer, 2022

The Progress
Back to writing...

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The Identity Collection
Book 2

cover working.jpg

Mistaken (working cover is displayed)

When a prank goes terribly wrong, one brother loses his twin. If losing half of you was enough, he learns a terrible secret about him, and now some very bad people think he's the dead brother.

It's a case of mistaken identity. How will he get out of this mess? Will the ghost of his dead brother save him or will he be the result of another prank gone bad?

Look for this title in Fall, 2022

The Memory Box.png




Fairytale Adventures #3
The Memory Box

Jack Frost visits to say goodbye until next winter and accidentally takes away Maria's memories. Maria and Nemoy, her best friend, will go to the Forest of Lost Memories to find a special box to get her memories back. No human has ever left the forest with their memories intact.

Will Maria find the Memory box? And will her memories remain with her?

Look for this title in Winter, 2022


Cover Reveal in my newsletter on Feb 1, 2022

Murder in The Wind

Detective James has a murder mystery to solve. In fact, there are 3. When a witness comes forward, revealing the murderer to him, he must make a choice. Turn the man in or run from the law.

What will he do?

Can he handle the truth or will the truth destroy him?

Look for this title in Spring, 2023

Missing Through Time book2.png lighter.png

Missing Through Time

Marcus has a new case. He must find a missing person--all of them. Who would travel through time to kidnap the same man over and over? Why? Billie joins Marcus and Ryan to find the answers and hopefully save the time line.

Will they do it? Or will it send the time line spirling out of control?

Look for this title in Summer, 2023


Cover idea

will be shared in

the March 15, newsletter issue.

Lost and Found

A married couple move into their new home. One of the doors is locked. When she finally opens the door, she finds a surprise that makes her obsessed with what she finds hidden inside.

Will the obsession destroy her or will she lock the door and keep her hidden treasure locked away, saving her life?

Look for this title in Fall, 2023


The next book after Lost and Found hasn't been decided yet. Be sure to come back to check the 4 books to be voted on this year.
The first voting will be soon!

  • Alien Taskforce (Scifi Thriller)

  • Fairytale Adventures #4

  • A Mother's Pain (Women's Fiction)

  • Adventures in the Milky Way #1


More stories coming in the future

  • Love Affair

  • Buried House

  • Dream Escape

  • Homelessness Across America (non-fiction)

  • Alien Taskforce

  • Adventures In The Milky Way book 1

  • Trading Places

  • Magical Bracelet

  • Hidden Agenda

  • Switched at Birth ? (need a new title for this one)

  • A Mother's Pain

  • 100 Lives Reborn


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