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These are all of A.R. Grosjean's written and published works so far, including a few coming soon. Click on the cover for an excerpt or follow the purchase link to buy a copy. Thank you for your support. Please, enjoy!

Birth of A Witch new cover.png
Peterson Estate 1: Birth of A Witch

ISBN-13-  978-1722445478​

Emily Peterson started out being a normal woman with normal dreams. Now she has neither. Now the family secret is out and she's a big part of it. Witches, they are all witches. They have been protecting the world from what lies within the walls of her home and what lies beneath. Her destiny is to save the world. If she fails, the world will be gone. Emily is thrown into battle and she's got some training left to do.

working cover 5 book 2.png
Peterson Estate 2: A New Beginning

ISBN-13-  978-1725604292

​Emily Peterson is the Great Witch, or so she was told she was. She doesn't believe it. All that power and she couldn't save her home or her nephew. But now she has a second chance. A new castle has appeared, just rose up from the ground. But with this new castle, like many magical things, comes with a price. And guess who's behind it? Emily must stop Feida from opening those gates. Emily must protect her family, and the mortals who don't know magic even exists. And being pregnant, there's more at stake than just her life now.

Hotel Peterson Estate new cover.png
Peterson Estate 3: Hotel Peterson Estate

ISBN-13-  978-1090429131

Emily Peterson and her family are witches, and they were sworn to protect the world from the evil that lies within the walls of their home. But when Emily starts from scratch, she finds new dangers lurking from the cracks. If Emily fails to keep the evil at bay, the Gates of Hell will be opened. Something dark is waiting for that to happen. Will Emily's powers be enough?

The Great War new cover.png
Peterson Estate 4: The Great War

ISBN-13-  978-1089225287

Emily is evolving into the Great Witch, the most powerful witch. The only problem: there's a war coming. It is like nothing else anyone has ever seen. The time for her has come. If she misses this window, she will never live up to her destiny. And save the world. Will Emily sacrifice herself to save the others?

Hell Bound front cover.png
Peterson Estate 5: Hell Bound

ISBN-13-  979-8658896779

Emily Peterson is the Great Witch, the most powerful witch among them. She made the ultimate sacrifice to save her family and the rest of humankind. Now she's stuck in Hell and the Great Dark Witch has been released from his prison. There's a magical unbalance in the world and Emily must stop it before it tears a hole in the world. If she fails, Earth will be no more.

the great dark witch official cover.png
1Angelic Blood book 7 official teal smaller.png
Peterson Estate 6: The Great Dark Witch

ISBN-13-  979-8722979735

Raised within the darkness, John was marked with a terrible destiny. Bestowed with magical essence after his birth, John grew to be a strong warlock. Now, he hungers for more power--taking it wherever he can. But there's one problem. The group of good witches he calls the Children of the Light are in his way. They are led by the only one strong enough to stop him--Emily Peterson, the Great Witch. John will fight to the end to raise Hell--literally. He must destroy the balance between good and evil. As long as Emily doesn't find a way to close the gates.

Peterson Estate 7: Angelic Blood
ISBN-13- 9798402888944
Emily Peterson has come a long way since the day she learned she was a witch but those days were just a fraction of who she was. Now she's the Great Witch and she has done what her destiny said she'd do. But today as angelic blood runs through her veins, she is more than the witch destiny foresaw. New threats will destroy everything she worked so hard to protect if she does nothing. Fighting will take her away from everyone she loves. Maybe forever. Will Emily make the right choice? Will she stop the Great Dark Witch forever?
Fairytale's Truth cover image large.jpg
Fairytale's Truth (The Fairytale Adventures, book 1)

ISBN-13-  979-8592780530

A war divided humans and fairy tale creatures. When a little girl named Maria accidentally makes Nemoy (a garden gnome) sneeze, the treaty between them is broken. The two new friends go on an adventure to speak to the Elders to mend the broken treaty and hopefully stop a new war.

fairytales-christmas official front cover.png
Fairytale's Christmas (The Fairytale Adventures, book 2)

ISBN-13-  979-8490596776

It's 3 days before Christmas and there’s a problem—it's still summer. When Maria and her friends learn that Jack Frost, maker of winter, has disappeared, they set out to find him. When Maria’s best friend, Nemoy the garden gnome goes missing too, it’s up to Maria and the rest of her friends to find them both. Without winter, Santa can’t deliver the presents, which means Christmas can’t come.

Jack Frost must be found and Maria’s the child who can do it. Will Maria find Jack Frost and save Christmas in time?

The Memory Box.png
The Keeper of the Memory Box (The Fairytale Adventures, book 3)

ISBN-13-  979-8842615551

Jack Frost has just ended winter and visits Maria to say goodnight. When he gives her a hug, Maria loses her memory. Jack forgot he recently visited the Forest of Forgotten Memories and couldn't touch a human until the visit wore off. Now Maria and her friends must go to the forest and ask the Keeper who protects the box of memories for permission to open the box and retrieve Maria's memories. It won't be easy. The Keeper doesn't like humans. Will Maria get her memories back? Whom will she meet along the way? Experience a new adventure with Nemoy, George, Michelle, Daisy, and Maria as they venture through the woods.

Fantasy Books

Fantasy Books

Fantasy Books


Mother of the Dragons front cover.jpg
Mother of the Dragons

ISBN-13-  978-1979934206

Dawnrae is the first dragon, giving birth to a new species of fire breathing beasts. But she wasn't always a dragon. She used to be a beautiful young maiden who once loved a man. When asked how she became a dragon, her answer--love happened. Will Dawnrae stay a beast or will love break her spell?

Cover Choice 1.jpg
Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse

ISBN-13-  978-1796600582

Diana Rose has been given a gift but it's not a gift she wants. Her mother's sins passed down to her, giving her a bloodline curse so terrible it destroys the lives around her. Growing up, she's surrounded by FBI agents who are kind to her but doesn't understand the seriousness of this deadly gift. One man changes Diana's life forever.

Spawn of the Curse new front cover.jpg
Spawn of the Curse: Bloodline Curse part 2

ISBN-13-  978-1796616262

How far will a mother go to save her child? What if she doesn't know her child? Will the results be the same? For Diana, it doesn't matter, she loves Rose; and she'll move mountains to find her. She will even give her own life to save that child. Will she go that far?

Home official ebook cover.jpg

ISBN-13-  9798449311887 Paperback 9798449335951 Hardbound

Sarah has met the man of her dreams, and he lives next door to her family's summer home. The only problem is he's dating her sister, Julie. And she's not the right girl for Eric. Julie will use him and toss him to the curb when she's done. And there's nothing Sarah can do about it. She can't even date him when Julie is finished with him. There are rules. What will Sarah do when Eric asks her to take a chance on love? Will she break the rules Julie made, or will she respect her sister and deny herself a chance at love? If Sarah takes a leap of faith, what will the consequences be? Will it be worth it?

Romance Books

Romance Books

Dead Life New Cover front smaller.jpg
The Dead Life

ISBN-13-  979-8603266893

Katy Lynne was in the wrong place at the wrong time. An accident resulting in a coma. She thought it was all just a dream but when her friends begin disappearing one at a time, on her trip home from school spring break, she learns something all together different. Now she must fight to live.


Stolen (Identity Collection, book 1)

ISBN-13-  979-8689836980

Benjamin was abused most of his life. Upon his mother's death bed, she tells him a secret that sends him on a journey of no return--he was adopted. Benjamin hires a PI to find his biological mother but learns she's passed away too. But she did have another son who the PI locates. Benjamin leaves his small town to New York to find his brother. When he sees his twin brother for the first time, Benjamin snaps, and turns into something else--a killer. Will Benjamin be his own destruction? Will the ghost of his brother be the hand that pushes him over the edge?

mistaken cover front.png

Mistaken (Identity Collection, book 2)

ISBN-13- 9798840319642

When a prank goes terribly wrong, Mark loses his twin brother. If losing half of him wasn't enough, he learns Thomas has a secret. And now Mark is the target of some very bad people, who think he's Thomas. It's a case of mistaken identity. How will Mark get out of this mess? Will the ghost of his dead brother help him or make more trouble? Will Mark be the victim of another prank gone bad?

Paranormal Thriller Books

murderthroughtimewithshadow smaller.png
Murder Through Time

ISBN-13-  979-8543628348

Marcus and Ryan, ex-partners of the World Bureau, are both stumped with Billie's murder. What would drive this person to travel through time to kill her multiple times? And why would they use Ryan’s weapon to do it? Trapped in the past, they have one chance to save Billie.  

Missing Through Time book2.png lighter.png

Coming Soon!


Mystery Books


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