Fairytale's Truth

Published:  Feb 23, 2021

Paperback length: 277 pages (5X8)

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Excerpt from the beginning

                Once upon a time…… No, wait, only fairy tales begin that way, this is not a fairy tale. This is real life—MY life, how one little girl changed it. Believe it or not, people from those fairy tales you grew up hearing about, are real. And this is our story.

                We lived among the humans peacefully for hundreds of years. Sure we had our differences for a time or two but we were happy. But then someone, I don’t know who, but someone decided he or she didn’t want to continue living with the other kind.

                There was a war that broke throughout the land that destroyed everyone’s lives. The owner of the farm where my family lived and helped, Old McDonald, died. My father died shortly after and I promised him I would tend to the gardens. When the war was finally over, a treaty was signed between humans and fairy tale creatures. As part of that treaty, we had to remain hidden and live in secrecy. Our human friends kept our stories and shared them with their family and friends. And a song was made in honor of Old McDonald. Did you know that?    

Fairytale's Truth