Fairytale's Truth Reviews

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This is one review. It was written in a different language so I put it through Google to translate it.

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This novel is quite unusual for me. Not read a beautiful fairytale in a long time.

It's a beautiful story of a sweet yet energetic girl Maria, Daisy who's a fairy, a gnome- Nemoy ,who is best friend of Daisy.
Daisy didn't like Maria but starts liking her when Maria praises & complimented her wings ( she's over possesive about her wings.)

A war started between humans & fairy tale creatures & Maria plays a role of pacemaker as She makes a gnome sneeze accidently, due to which the treaty between them gets broken.

These friends go on an adventure to speak to the Elders to mend the treaty & to stop the war eventually.

The story is told by Nemoy but I love the chapter where Maria tells the story. She's magical. I felt like hugging this girl.

I loved this cute story. It's not only for kids, we adults can read it too, to revisit our childhood & to get swayed away by dreamy & magical creatures , fairies, unicorns..... As kids we forget about living the real practical life , we just dream & play & used to think to be living in some fairyland or Dreamland.

The author has used simple language .She has dedicated this book to her granddaughter [Alivia].. I'm sure children will love this book

Thank you @a.r.grosjeanauthor
for this Arc. I thoroughly loved it & do give my love to your granddaughter [Alivia].