Cursed Blood
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Cursed Blood: Bloodline Curse

Published: June 6, 2019 with KDP

Paperback length: 147 pages (6X9)

Price on Amazon: $6.85 paperback/ $2.99 E-Book

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Also available as audiobook $14.95

Small Excerpt from Diana's POV

     When Diana was born, she was given a gift like no other, only she didn’t know anything about it until she was much older. In the beginning, it was small; taking the lives of small animals. One day a year, her gift was a powerful weapon, if used as such. On that day, nothing could stop her.

     On her fifth birthday, her gift was powerful enough to take two lives—her aunt and uncle who she loved very much. They were church going people, never missing a service. And Diana enjoyed going. She liked listening to the choir singing all her favorite hymns. She lived in a small town but it didn’t matter because she liked all the attention they gave her. To her, it was a big city. She never left so she didn’t know the difference.

     Then one day, after God came to take her aunt and uncle away, a man came. He talked to her like he knew what to say. “Hello, Diana. What are you eating?”

It was her most favorite thing in the world. She called them cheese toasties. It was cheese between two pieces of bread that you cook on the stove and she thought it was the most clever thing in the world. “Cheese toasty,” she told him. She smiled really big to show off her messy face. She was proud of that messy mouth. Cheese was everywhere but she didn’t care. She moved around in the chair so her curls bounced as she spoke to the man. She didn’t understand why so many people were always at the house. Her aunt and uncle would be back soon, she knew that. They were just sleeping at the moment.

     “What’s in it?” he asked her.

     “I don’t know.” She had to think about it for a second.  “Cheese.”

     “Oh, I see. Can I talk to you for a little while?”

     She thought that was an odd question. He was already talking to her. Sheriff Black turned away from her and started washing the dishes from lunch. There was a lot of food there for a while but she didn’t want what they had so the sheriff made her the sandwich. “You are.”

     “I am what.”

     “Talking to me.” She laughed as she took another bite of her grilled cheese sandwich.

     “You got me,” the man told her. He started laughing which made her laugh even more.

     “What do you want to talk about?”

     “Well, for starters, do you know why everyone is here?”

     “Yeah, they came to see my aunt and uncle but they went to sleep. They will be back soon though.” She took another bite. “Want some?”

     “No, thank you. I already had my lunch. That does look good though.”

     “It’s my favorite,” she told him with another laugh.

     They talked a little while longer. He asked her a lot of silly questions like what happened on the day they went to sleep on the floor. She couldn’t remember much of that day and she told him that. When he was done asking her the questions, he talked to the sheriff but she couldn’t’ hear what was being said. They walked out of the kitchen together and she ran up to her room to play. There were too many adults and none of them were playing.