Spawn of the Curse
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Spawn of the Curse

Published Feb 11, 2019. with KDP
Paperback length: 115 pages (6X9)
Price on Amazon: $6.95 paperback/$2.99 E-Book
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Also available as audiobook $14.95

 Excerpt from J Michaels’ point of view


     “I’m so proud of you. Diana?”

     The baby was torn from Diana’s arms as she flat lined. J couldn’t believe what he was witnessing. It was happening again. He did the one thing he learned from Diana—he began praying. He begged God to take him instead. He didn’t want his granddaughter growing up without her mother.

     “We need more doctors in here,” Doctor Stoupe yelled. More people ran into the room. Rose was taken out of the room. J wanted to leave too but he knew he needed to stay there with Diana. She was hooked to a machine, they poked needles in her arm, and they placed an air bag over her mouth and pumped air into her lungs. They did what they could. They struggled for five minutes before giving up.

     “No, you can’t stop. You can’t give up. Move out of the way,” J said as he continued pushing air into her lungs.

     “Mr. Michaels’, she’s gone.” The doctor looked over at the nurse. “Time?”

     “Nine thirty-five, doctor.”

     “All right. Time of death,” the doctor began to say.

     “No, wait, She’s moving.”

     J looked down at Diana. She was moving. She was breathing on her own. He couldn’t believe it. He looked up at the doctor in disbelief. The tears filled his eyes. The doctor didn’t know it but this was the second time she had died and come back. The truth of the matter was that Diana was going to be needed. She just didn’t know it yet.

     “Welcome back,” J told her.

     “From where?” She looked as though she didn’t need the answer. J nodded his head. “You want me to call Jack?”

     “Yes, let him know I’m still here and I’m not going anywhere.”

     “I’ll tell him. You get some rest. I’m going to go see Rose and take a lot of pictures of her. I’ll send them to Jack. They’re going to take you over to the recovery room now. Get some rest.”

     “Okay. Thank you for being here, J.”

     “Hey, I’m honored that I was here with you.”

     “Thank you.”

     J wasn’t kidding when he said he would take a lot of pictures. He used up almost all of his memory. He went outside and called Jack. He told him what happened and that Diana pulled through. He told him they have a beautiful daughter and sent him some of the pictures. He could hear Jack in the background yelling to everyone that he was a daddy. J laughed.