The Great Dark Witch
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Peterson Estate 6: The Great Dark Witch

Published April 23, 2021. with KDP
Paperback length:  173 pages (6X9)
Price on Amazon: $7.99 paperback/$2.99 E-Book

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Small excerpt from Chapter 9

                The ground began to shake. Suddenly, John felt something inside him change. He gazed down at his hands as they slowly disappeared. In his heart, he knew his body wouldn’t be able to pass through the veil that separated the living from the dead, but he didn’t know it would be like this. And the pain, it hit him like a train. He was overcome by it and dropped to his knees. He laughed as he welcomed the pain because he knew the gates were opening and he would be free again. Through spies and being able to speak with the world of the living, he knew a long time had passed by, but he didn’t care. The things that were happening now weren’t going to matter once he took the world over.

                When the pain stopped, John stood up and looked at his body, but there wasn’t a body to see. He gazed upon the ceiling and noticed he was getting closer to it, so he knew he was rising, but he wasn’t sure how it was possible. Hell doesn’t give up its souls easily. Then he could see the gates shaking, and he heard something from beyond it. He strained to hear it. Laughing, someone was laughing. He recognized the voice—it was Adam Jr.

               Adam offered his body up to him until he was strong enough to find a more permanent body, but he had no intention of giving it up. Adam’s body would be his forever. He heard a pop, and then the doors opened wide. John permitted the demons to cross through first, allowing their red smoke to reveal what evil was waiting to be released. He wanted to give Emily something to fear.

               When the way was clear, he began to pass through the gates. Again, he felt something different, and he looked at himself as black smoke appeared. Seeing it through his vision was much different than living it out in real time. He felt invincible. The more he was through, the more smoke he saw around him. John recognized the basement of the castle. Seeing it in this form looked rather different—it was darkened, the stones seemed to be in different colors blending together as if he was drugged by something. The feeling of being high was welcomed as he looked around the large open space. As he ascended, his eyes became fixed on Emily Peterson, the witch he had met through his visions and had seen from time to time. She looked then as she did now so he knew she would be traveling back in time soon. If only she could see him smiling right now because he knew things she hadn’t known yet—soon, she would know those things.