Hell Bound
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Peterson Estate 5: Hell Bound

Published June 29, 2020. with KDP
Paperback length:  122 pages (6X9)
Price on Amazon: $6.99 paperback/$2.99 E-Book

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Excerpt from Chapter 1

     The gates of Hell were now closed and Emily found herself in a new position. She was now trapped in Hell and it wasn’t looking good for her. The only way in or out was closed and locked.

     It wasn’t going to be easy but saving the world was more important to Emily than her comfort. She hadn’t thought all of this through but there hadn’t been time to think that far into this. Enough evil had already seeped into her world. She had faith in her family to take care of it but leaving those gates open would have been too much for anyone, even her. Now she was stuck. Seeing the demons below her terrified her, but she couldn’t let them know. She had to put on a brave face and move forward. The gates were sealed so going through the demons was her only choice. Emily found herself dangling from the ceiling where the gates used to be. They disappeared as the final seal took place. Now it was just solid rock. The stairs that lead to the gates were crumbling. She looked down and saw the demons. They hadn’t recognized her yet but she knew they would in time. She was popular down there.

     As Emily slowly descended, she made subtle changes to her appearance. Her hair was a little darker, as well as her skin. And her blue eyes changed to Hazel. When her feet touched the dirt-covered ground, she looked at the others.

     “What happened?” a man asked as he looked at the ceiling.

     Emily looked at him, then at the ceiling where the gates had been.

     “Are you talking to me?”

     “Well, yeah, you’re the last one who reached the gates before they disappeared. What do you think happened?”

     “I don’t know. Is there another way out?”

     “I don’t think so. I was so close. I heard the gates were opening but I came too late.”

     The room began to empty as angry demons and Hell-sent people yelled. Emily followed the crowd acting like she was upset too. She needed to come up with a new plan but she couldn’t do anything with so many eyes on her. She looked around as she took the rear of the crowd. She felt like she was in a cave with tunnels scattered everywhere. Some tunnels were hotter than others so she remained in the vein that connected all of them. The crowd thinned down as they passed the tunnels. She wondered where everyone was going but didn’t want to ask. The man she first met stayed close by her. She wondered about that too.

     “So where you from?”

     “Pennsylvania.” She didn’t see any harm in telling him that much.

     “Not during your life. I meant down here. The tunnel leading to my area is coming up. Where’s yours?”

     “Oh, yeah. I hadn’t been here long enough to be assigned. I kind of got pushed around and ended up here,” she lied.

     “Oh, I know how that is. It was like that when I arrived. I was in the Dead Zone for what seemed like years. Finally, I was deemed worthy enough to be placed down here. The torture I received was humbling, I can tell you that.”

     “What do you mean?” She stopped.

     “I always had this picture of what Hell was supposed to be. I was a bad-ass growing up and I thought it would be great here. I tortured animals, beat up the neighbor’s kid, and told lies. Of course, I died of an overdose and ended up going to the Judgment Chambers to learn my fate. I was told due to my actions, Hell was going to be my new home. Of course, I was happy, being the bad-ass that I was.” He looked down for a bit. “Then I was tossed into the Dead Zone and waited. Before I knew it, I was getting the same torture I had passed out for years. I learned what it was like and I really didn’t like it. But it was too late for redemption for me. When I was finally given my assignment and learned where I was going to spend my eternity, I was relieved. But it hasn’t been the same for me since I’ve arrived.”

     “So you actually feel bad for what you did with your life?”

     “Well, yeah. Don’t you?”

     “I guess. I don’t want to talk about it though.”

     “That bad, huh?”

     “Yeah.” It was her turn to look down. She wasn’t sure if this man was being honest with her. She didn’t want to use her powers knowing she’d radiate a glow. She’d be found out too quickly that way. And she needed to lay low for as long as she could. Once she was alone, then she could figure something out.

     “By the way, my name’s  Tony.”

     “Em—,” she began to say. But she knew she couldn’t use her real name. “Emma.” She wasn’t sure but that name meant something to her. She hid her reaction from hearing the name being said out loud.

     “Great. I’ll chat with you later. I’m going to head back to my quarters. Since we’re not getting out, I’ll bet you its back to our every-day schedule.” He left her standing there alone. She wasn’t sure if this man was trusting knowing where she was. He was almost too nice and felt annoyed by that. She was going to have to stay on her guard.

     Emily was truly alone so she closed her eyes and tried to transport back to the castle. When she opened her eyes, she was in a different room, but she wasn’t at the castle. “Just great.”

     “Who’s there!”

     Well, she wasn’t alone anymore. As Emily looked around the room for the person behind the voice, she got a good look at the room. It was made of some kind of metal and it held in the heat. Sweat formed on her forehead which was something she had noticed didn’t happen to the others. It was hot, but no one was sweating. That meant trouble for her. She used enough magic to keep herself cool. It seemed to do the trick.

     Emily turned a corner around a large metal box sitting on the rock-based floor. She bumped into a demon. “Who are you?”


     “Are you scheduled to come in today?”

     “For what?”

     “That means no. Are you lost?”

     “I guess so. I don’t know where I am. I think the gates kind of messed everything up.”