Birth of A Witch
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Peterson Estate: Birth of A Witch

Published: July 6, 2018 with Create Space

Paperback length: 222 pages (6X9)

Price on Amazon: $8.95 paperback/$1.99 E-Book

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Small Excerpt from Chapter 2

       “So I really do have powers?”

       “Yes, you do, Emily.”

        Tabetha walked into the room and joined the conversation. Emily looked at her and waited for her to say something. “You were never meant to learn about this after Aunt Jane died. She was planning on training you when the time came. Last night, after you went to bed, Mother called me and told me her plans to tell you.”

          “And that was because I saw a ghost?”

          “Emily, she can’t be just a ghost—not here, anyway. There was a reason for her to reveal herself to you. She was either threatened by your presence or she knows your future.”

         “Okay, do you know anything about her?”

         “No, we don’t. This is the first time I ever heard about her. I’m sure Jane knew. If she did, it would be in her journals,” Mandy said. She put her hand on Emily’s knee. “She wanted you to know but I told her it wasn’t time yet.”

        “Yeah, I know about that. I was there, remember?”

        “You can’t know. It was wiped from your memories.” Mandy looked at Tabetha.

        “Emily, you used your powers?” Tabetha asked.

        “I guess. I didn’t really know I had them. I thought you were lying to me. I was hurting and then the memories came flooding back.” She looked at her mother and sister. “So how do I use them on purpose?”

        “Well, we’re going to have to teach you.”

        “I can train her, Mother.”

        “Are you sure, Tabetha?”

        “Yeah. I think I’m ready for the task.”

        “Okay, what happens if it turns out I’m not this great witch everyone was waiting for?”