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Fairytale's Christmas

Published:  November 25, 2021

Paperback length: 190 pages (5X8)

Price on Amazon: $9.95 paperback/$.99 E-Book

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Short Excerpt from the beginning

It had been several months since humans and the fairy tale creatures were reunited. The farm became a gathering place for everyone, including the humans who visited us. My garden became more important than ever because some of the people who visited us, bought food from the garden. Maria’s mother was happy about that. By the way, my name is Nemoy and I’m the garden gnome who became great friends with a little girl named Maria, and she saved us fairy tale creatures. Yes, we are real and Maria is part of our family, even though she is a human child. I’ve lived on her farm since before her time.

Now close your eyes and imagine snow falling on open land and many fairy tale creatures living together on that land. Okay, so we don’t have the snow right now. It’s still summer but winter is supposed to be here right now, and that’s a big problem because summer wasn’t supposed to be here this long. There are four seasons for a reason, and that’s because our planet needs them.

What happens when we have one season for too long, like summer? The ground dries up and all of the trees and plants dry up. That’s not good. Everything was still as green and full of life, as it was back in June or July. And it was just as hot. Maria was in sandals and a thin dress with straps for sleeves. And it was December. We haven’t seen the signs of the summer’s drying up yet, so there was time to fix it if we knew what was happening.

None of us on the farm knew how bad it was until Topper came to visit us, he’s a bunny and he’s a good friend of mine and Daisy—she’s a fairy. Maria met Topper on our last adventure when she helped us fix the treaty between fairy tale creatures and humans. Maria still talks about that adventure. I have to admit, it was a lot of fun!

Fairytale's Christmas