Angelic Blood
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Peterson Estate 7: Angelic Blood

Published Feb 20, 2022. with KDP
Paperback length:  164 pages (6X9)
Price on Amazon: $8.95 paperback/$1.99 E-Book

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Small excerpt from Chapter 5

     Emily stood in the glow of her light, unaware of what she had just become. Her mind was still trying to wrap around what had happened with the gates of Hell. Had she just beaten the Great Dark Witch? Was her destiny now fulfilled? What would happen to her now? Does she go back to the life she knew or was there something else? So many questions filled her mind. She was afraid to open her eyes. What would be in front of her? Time seemed to stand still as she stood in place. She stayed in the moment, fear of what would come of her if she opened her eyes. But fear never really stopped her before. She always overcame it. If she couldn’t do it alone, she always had her family and they were waiting for her.

     Emily opened one eye and looked at the darkness around her. But it wasn’t completely dark. Something lit up the space between her and the darkness. She opened the other eye and gazed at her opened hands. The glow was radiating from within her. The white gown she wore was the brightest white she’d ever seen. She turned around and saw something behind her but it was moving with her. Was something attached to her back? Emily tried not to panic but she began to think the worse. She continued to work in circles, trying to see what it was on her. Maybe the Great Dark Witch did something as she closed the gate. Emily knew not to trust him for any reason and knew he would stop at nothing to gain whatever it was that he wanted. Finally, she had dancing and slowed down her breathing. She tried to relax and thought of Zander. It was the thought of him that finally calmed her down.

     She looked over her shoulder and saw the largest set of white wings she’d ever seen. “What the?” Her voice echoed inside the space. She looked up. She was still inside the depths of Hell. How was she going to escape now that the gates were locked from both ends?

     As the white glow around her changed to a blue glow, Emily lifted into the air and she transported to the grounds above her. She was standing right where the gates had been, on the hill. Scorch marks revealed where the Great Dark Witch and Feida had been. She could sense Feida’s death. Was she really dead this time? Was the Great Dark Witch dead? She shook her head, feeling numb from it. She was still in shock that she had defeated him. But why? She was the most powerful witch there was, of course she beat him. A smile appeared on her face, acknowledging the win.

     As Emily noticed the silence around her, a group of beings appeared before her. They were the same beings she had seen while in Hell. They were the ones who told her where to find the Down Under. They called themselves witnesses, but she felt they were more than that. The feeling deepened now as they stood before her.