The Great War
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Peterson Estate 4: The Great War

Published Sep 00, 2019. with KDP
Paperback length:  172 pages (6X9)
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Small Excerpt from Chapter 2



     “Before we can go on, I must know what you want your name to be,” Emily told the girl. They sat in the room that at one time was the parlor. It was still part of the lobby. In order to reach it, they had to walk through a wall but it was there. Emily couldn’t wait until the real parlor was back. She had many memories in that room, sitting by the fireplace, playing games, and drinking tea. She always enjoyed sitting by the window because it overlooked the front yard.

     “Why don’t you pick. After all, you are my mother—in a way.”

     Emily thought it over. There were so many names to choose from. She tried pushing her mind into the castle’s memories for ideas. She was alive and had her own spirit for so long giving her own path of life. She’d survived countless things, in her own lifetime as Emily, let alone other lifetimes before Emily. One name came to mind that meant all those things by definition.

     “Nira. It’s fitting, I think.”

     “I love it!” She jumped up, knocking the tray of tea down. The tanned liquid spilled everywhere. “Oh, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe I’m being so clumsy today.”

     “You’re fine, Nira. Don’t worry so much.” Emily waved her hand and the mess was gone. “See, all clean now.”

     “That is so nice. You’re going to have to teach me how to do that.”

     “Well, you’re not really a witch. I honestly don’t know what you are. But if you have powers like I do maybe you would be a witch. We’ll have to test you on that theory. But to change the subject, why have you been so clumsy lately?”

     “I really don’t know. That woman came close to reaching me the other day and I haven’t been the same since.”

     “What do you mean, came close?”

     “I thought I was out of reach being in one of the rooms that were fully made back into your castle so I stopped moving so much and she appeared right behind me. She grabbed me, tearing my dress. I tried fixing it but as you can see, I can’t sew.”

     Emily looked at the dress she was wearing and saw a rip on the sleeve. A blue thread zigzagged over the material in a hectic pattern. It was all over the place, almost except where it needed to be. She waved her hand over the badly sewn-up-job and the rip appeared to have never happened. “All fixed.”

     Nira looked at her sleeve. “Thank you.”

     “Now, you can stop calling it your castle. This is your home too, Nira. After all, this has been where you’ve been your entire life.”

     “I’m sorry.”

     “Don’t apologize.” Emily returned to the subject at hand. “So, you think the woman did something to you to make you clumsy?”

     “When she ripped my dress, she may have, yes.”

     “May I scan you?”

     “Oh I remember your scans. Yes, you may.”

     Emily began scanning Nira. She saw her standing in the middle of the room. It wasn’t a room she’d seen too often so she wasn’t sure which room it was. But she could tell it was the castle. None of the rooms in the hotel had that castle-look to them. As she watched Nira, she could sense the woman. She had been in the room for a while, watching Nira. Emily tried to figure out why she’d been watching her.  She couldn’t tell. Was she trying to figure out the girl? Nira had an innocent vibe to her, maybe she was trying to get through it. Whatever the reason, Emily didn’t like it. The woman was evil. That much Emily did know for sure.

     The woman began inching toward Nira. Every move—silent. Nira just stood there, looking the other way. Emily forgot she was watching the past and began yelling at her to move. Nira heard her. She looked in the direction Emily was watching from, the look of surprise on her face. She moved just as the woman reached out to her, ripping the sleeve. Emily lost the vision.