Hotel Peterson Estate
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Peterson Estate 3: Hotel Peterson Estate

Published April 1, 2019 with KDP (Create Space)

Paperback length: 189 pages (6X9)

Price on Amazon: $8.49 paperback/ $2.99 E-Book

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Small Excerpt from Chapter 3

                Emily rested for a few days as new people moved into the rooms. Some people stayed a day, others remained a few. There were a couple rooms designated for people who wanted to be part of the new show Mandy advertised. It was a mystery the guests were to help solve to keep them occupied as Emily did her work on the evil within the hotel’s walls.

                This was how her mother explained it to the guests. “So we have a victim and the killer. One of the guests will be discovered by another guest who will report the fake crime. We will then uncover all the clues set up by our staff and you will find who the killer is, also another guest. Doesn’t that sound like a lot of fun?”

                “It does sound like fun. And this is a big place so it would take a while to look for all the clues,” Mr. Smith said as he looked over the printed brochure displayed on the front desk counter. Emily sat in the office as she listened in on the conversation. She still thought it was a bad idea but she let her mother continue with the charade. Keeping the family secret was more important to her than it was to Emily but she did understand why it was important. People today judge and gossip, media makes things out bigger than they really are, and this town was still living in the past—where witches were punished. If they had lived closer to Philadelphia, it may not have been so bad.

                Emily had met Arnie Smith and his wife the day before. They asked her if this hotel was the right place for the crime show as they called it. She told them her mother was in charge of it and they should ask her about it. He loved mysteries and they wanted a vacation where they could do something different. They were an older couple, in their late sixties; healthy for their ages but still showed some ware and tear over the years. The white hair was scattered on his otherwise bald head.  Her hair was a beautiful shade of silver that almost glowed in the sun light. Emily admired how close they seemed to be.

                Emily left the office and bumped into the old couple as they were beginning to prepare for the show. Arnie volunteered to be victim and his wife was going to be the killer. The motive was unclear at the time. Emily assumed they were trying to figure it out. “So I hear, you’re going to be the victim in our show, Mr. Smith.”

                “Yes, I am. Originally, I wanted to solve the mystery, that’s why we came here but when your mother told us that the guests also get to be part of it, I just had to jump at the chance to participate. I think it would be more fun knowing who did it and why while the others try to figure it out. Plus your mother told us, we stay for free. I couldn’t argue that.” He laughed. His eyes beamed with excitement.

                “Yes, its just part of the entertainment. We couldn’t charge someone a room if they were going to help entertain the other guests. That part was my idea,” Emily said.

                “Well, honey, it was a sweet idea and it gives my Arnie such memories.” She leaned over and whispered into Emily’s ear. “He doesn’t have much time left with us so I wanted his stay here to be nice for him. He didn’t want to stay home and just die like the doctors wanted.”

                Emily was sad hearing her husband didn’t have much time left. She smiled to hide her concern for the man. “Well, I hope your stay here is as memorable as you’d hoped.”

                “Thank you, dear. So where do we go to prepare?” Mrs. Smith said. Emily had no idea what her first name was. The woman was happy to be called Mrs. Smith so Emily never thought to ask. The papers were filled out as Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Smith. He did prefer Arnie.