Mother of The Dragons
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Mother of the Dragons

Published: November 21, 2017 by Create Space

Paperback length: 156 pages (6X9)

Price on Amazon: $7.95 paperback/$2.99 E-Book

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Also available as audiobook $17.46​​​

Small Excerpt

    Dawnrae stood at the top of the grassy hill overlooking the palace’s grounds. She watched the king’s workers gathering and planting in the fields below. The men and women were covered in filth as they tended the gardens. Sometimes she felt lucky she wasn’t among the many who worked for the king, sometimes she wished she had. They had it so hard yet they were among the few who lived inside the walls of the kingdom. She was merely a peasant girl and lived in the woods, just outside the walls of the palace but still part of the kingdom.

    Every day, she stood on this hill watching them do their duties. She only wanted to find him, the love of her life, who also worked for the king. When she finally spotted the young man sitting upon his horse watching over the workers, she felt her face redden.           Dawnrae touched her cheek, she felt warm. She placed her basket filled with flowers down on the boulder next to her and focused on William ignoring the hot feeling that overcame her.

    When Dawnrae noticed she was being watched as well, she spun around and continued her own work feeling embarrassed for being seen. Though she acted as nothing had happened, her thoughts were still on William. She could lose herself in thoughts of him in just one glance. And though they had never officially met, she thought she had known him her entire life.

    Dawnrae began humming as she picked the beautiful flowers, and didn’t know anyone was approaching her until a man tapped her on the shoulder demanding her attention. Dawnrae twisted around; dropping the flowers in her hands, and saw William looking back at her. She felt her face grow warm as she blushed, then smiled and looked down before curtsying, a show of respect. “May I help you, sir?” Her heart raced as the man she admired stood before her.

     “Yes, my lady. Were you just watching us?”